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Group of Seven: Anna Eby

"I'm anti-hybrid. The drivers are slow, and they look smug. My car gets 30 mpg, but please."
Group of Seven Anna is a lifelong Texan who graduated from Baylor Law School in 2007 and is a trial lawyer primarily representing businesses. She lives with two Labradoodles, Brioche and Piper, and two rescued cats, Milo and Felix. She drives a red 2012 Mini John Cooper Works with a black top and black rims. Her dream vehicle "depends on the day," but today it's the Audi R8 GT Spyder. Anna's interests include architecture and historic preservation. Distracted Driving/Texting while Driving: "I drive a lot, so I always see people veering off into other lanes. If I’m able to pass, I see them on the phone. I’m very concerned about cell phone usage in cars. My animals distract me in the car, but I don’t tie them down. I rarely use my cell phone when I drive. Lawyers are multitaskers, but you shouldn’t multitask while driving." Auto Styling: "It seems to me like everything is looking the same. All the German cars look Japanese, and it’s all getting boring. I like Audi and Cadillac because they are very distinctive and you can always tell what they are on the road." Gas Prices: "Yes, I am concerned about them because I have to put premium in my car. I had to commute to law school, and it was expensive. But would I rather have a high-performance car that gets poor gas mileage – yes." Technology/ Autonomous Driving: "I think everyone else should be driven around by robots because no one else can drive. But me, myself and I will always like to drive. Tech is cool, but for me, I just want to drive." Electric/Alt-Fuel Vehicles: "Like a Tesla maybe? I’m anti-hybrid. Every time I get behind one I get very grumpy. The drivers are slow, and they look smug with their little bumper stickers and their little emblems. My car gets 30 mpg, but please." Anna also wanted to say something about... How Automakers Are Treating Women: "I tend to think more about women in the auto industry. There aren’t nearly enough. I know that because Jean says so. There is no woman leading a major car company. The C-suite people are all men. There must be women with skills and desires to be up high in the industry. Where are they?"
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