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MINI Sporty Cars Guide

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MINI Cooper

Year: Starting at $19,700 MPG 29-37 The 2013 Mini Cooper is everything a Mini should be. It is, of course, quite small – though the Clubman wagon provides more space than any of Mini’s other models. It is also a treat to drive, with the option of a turbo engine. The interior is attractive and interesting, with unusual features like a very large, center-mounted speedometer and various toggle switches that deliver a shot of nostalgia to anyone who has driven an original Mini. The cabin can come equipped with attractive sport seats and a satellite radio with one-year subscription. With three different bodies (wagon, hard-top, and convertible) and three different trim levels, the Cooper’s options are extensive. Even if you’ve made the big choices, there are what Mini claims to be 10 million customization combinations. All of those choices piled up can make the car a little pricey, even with its relatively low base price. The Mini is so fun and drives so well that you can’t be blamed for splurging a little, and the excellent highway gas mileage of 33 to 37 mpg could save you money in the long run. …