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Rolls Royce Sedans Guide

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Rolls Royce Phantom

Year: Starting at $398,970 MPG 11-18 For the price of a large-ish house (depending on where you live) you could own a single, opulent automobile. The Rolls-Royce Phantom is the car for the person who has everything they’ve ever wanted and much, much more. With a beautiful interior and no shortage of space in the back for adult passengers (even Shaq would be comfortable with the Extended Wheelbase version), the car can be customized endlessly, and most buyers choose to take advantage of Rolls-Royce’s bespoke design team. One option turns the Phantom into a theatre, with two rear monitors and a six-disc changer in the glove box. The four-passenger version has room in the backseat for a drink cabinet or cigar humidor. The Phantom is a little slower to 60 mph than the smaller Ghost, but still makes it in under six seconds while preserving Rolls-Royce’s characteristic smooth, quiet ride. Rolls likens the experience of being driven in a Phantom to a “magic carpet ride.” The Phantom’s recent update brings a new eight-speed automatic transmission, LED lights, and slightly improved fuel consumption. Although, lets face it, if you’re driving around in this thing, you’re not worried about the price of gas. …
Rolls Royce Ghost

Year: Starting at $256,650 MPG 13-20 Despite being the smallest car that calls itself a Rolls-Royce, you won’t be cramped in this roving palace, especially not if you spring for the Extended Wheelbase edition, which comes with a standard panoramic sunroof. If you’re spending upwards of a quarter of a million dollars on a car, you want it to be perfect, and to that end, Rolls-Royce has engineered an automobile so smooth that you may think you’re floating through the crowds instead of travelling on the same roads as the rest of us. The leather-lined cabin is the last word in comfort and luxury, and with the aggressive, distinctive grille, your status as the owner of a Rolls will be broadcast to everyone you see. If you prefer your luxury a little more personalized, Rolls-Royce has a bespoke department to meet those needs. More than half of Ghosts sold in 2011 had bespoke elements. The Ghost comes with coach doors (suicide doors to the déclassé), for maximum exiting ease to chauffeured passengers. Because despite the Ghost’s impressive performance (0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds) this car may be one of the few that is best enjoyed from the back seat. …