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Bentley Sedans Guide

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Bentley Continental GT

Year: Starting at $189,900 MPG 12-19 The Flying Spur is a plus-size model. It weighs a whopping 5,456 pounds, but here is a super car that carries its weight well. While this hefty Bentley is big, it’s certainly no slowpoke. The Flying Spur reaches a top speed of 195 mph and the souped-up Spur Speed zooms up to 200 mph, and both do so with considerable grace and nuanced handling. The speed of the Spur in particular defies all logic – it’s a big car with excellent performance statistics. The Mulsanne may have edged it out on the flagship’s prestige category, but the Flying Spur is more than a dignified contender. Lambswool, leather and wood are Bentley calling cards found in the interior. The Flying Spur is twice the price as Mercedes-Benz S Class, but is also twice as refined in more subtle ways. A big engine, all-wheel drive and the extra brawn have their drawbacks at the pump — it gets 10 mpg city and 17 mpg highway. But if you’re Bentley bound, the gas bill probably isn’t your preeminent concern. Bentley has also improved its technology and now features top-of-the line entertainment and navigation. The Flying Spur is the super car that’s designed to blend in. It’s the sleep agent. …