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BMW Hatchbacks Guide

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BMW 5-Series

Year: Starting at $47,800 MPG 24-34 Whether you need cargo-carrying capacity or an executive express, the 5-series has you covered. The lineup’s oddity is the Gran Turismo. Its curved back bridges the gap between station wagon (one isn’t offered) and SUV. No holding it down, though, because it employs the same 400-horsepower twin-turbo V-8 and eight-speed automatic transmission from the 550i sedan. Or, you can settle for the 300-horsepower version of the turbo six-cylinder from the 535i sedan--not brutally fast but still pretty quick. Among the sedan entries, there’s also the 528i. Remarkably for this class and price range, the 528i goes about its business with a turbo four-cylinder. Then there’s the ActiveHybrid 5, in which the turbo six is assisted by an electric motor, their output going through an eight-speed transmission. As quick as it can be, the ActiveHybrid 5 can also creep along solely on battery power for 2.5 miles. Ask your neighbor if his Blutomobile can do that! Efficiency is spreading across the 5-series range, too, thanks to the automatic stop/start, which completely shuts off the engine while you sit at intersections, then restarts it when you release the brake. So every member of the 5-series is handsome, or at least interesting, luxurious, and full of advanced technology. …