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Mitsubishi Green Cars Guide

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Mitsubishi i MiEV

Year: Starting at $29,125 MPG 99-126 Your convenience is a key factor to consider when buying a car and with the Mitsubishi i, those dreaded stops at the gas station when you’re running late in the morning are a thing of the past. With a combined driving range of 62 miles per battery charge, this little electric car is ideal for the city dweller whose daily travels consist of driving to the office and the grocery store. Since bigger is synonymous with better here in the States, the American i is longer and wider than its Japanese and European counterparts, but still manages to fit into cramped parking spaces with ease and, with the Rear Park Assist Sensors, is perfect for parallel parking on busy streets. Since the car is 100 percent electric, it does have to be charged on a regular basis. The lithium-ion battery found in your i can be charged overnight using a 120-volt portable charger, but if you’re impatient, you have the option of having a 240-volt charging system installed in your home to charge your car in seven hours. In some areas, it may even be possible to charge your car in less than half an hour at public vehicle charging stations. …