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Audi A3

Year: Starting at $28,750 MPG 21-28 A compact wagon was a novel idea when the Audi A3 came on the market, but since then the A3 has found a home with buyers. The hatchback means there is plenty of room in the trunk, but you won’t feel cramped sitting in the back. The A3 has an available all-wheel-drive system that is unique to its class, and the choice of a turbo-diesel engine means that it can make up to 42 mpg on the highway. The diesel engine is only available in a six-speed automatic, but a six-speed manual is available when you give up the efficiency of the diesel for a standard engine. The interior is awash in typical Audi luxury, with leather trim and seating surfaces, as well as Audi’s navigation and Bose sound system. Though the A3 has a history as the best choice for a small wagon, there are more options these days and it may be worth checking out some of the competition. The A3’s design could use an update to keep up with the pack, but Audi’s name and engineering are usually a good recommendation, and this car is not likely to disappoint. …