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Volkswagen First Cars Guide

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Volkswagen Jetta

Year: Starting at $15,545 MPG 24-34 A 2011 redesign turned the Jetta into a cheaper car, but drivers will barely notice the difference. The interior lost some technology, but remains roomy, comfortable, and attractive. In addition to minor interior enhancements for all models, the Jetta has added a new trim level in 2013 with standard navigation system and Fender audio system to compensate for the less-swanky interior. Also new for 2013 will be a Jetta Hybrid, to be released in the fall. Volkswagen expects the car to get 45 mpg, but what they’re really excited about is the hybrid’s ability to reach speeds of up to 185 miles per hour, making it the world’s fastest hybrid (so far). You won’t get great gas mileage going that fast, but you will have the pleasure of knowing that your car could blast anyone else’s out of the park, if you weren’t stuck in gridlock. If hybrids aren’t your speed, the Jetta also offers a fuel-efficient diesel model and a performance-friendly GLI trim level. Though the Jetta lost some steering precision to the cost cut, with all of its other charms you may not mind. …