Style Icon Meets SUV Icon

When the Range Rover Evoque Special Edition hits the market in October, it is expected to become an instant collector’s item, thanks to the work of fashion designer and cultural icon Victoria Beckham--yes, that Victoria Beckham of Posh and Becks fame. The Evoque Special Edition bears Beckham’s unmistakable design stamp of edgy yet understated elegance. She worked on the cosmetic elements of the Evoque in collaboration with the Land Rover Design team, which apparently was mesmerized by the outfit she wore when they first met. Beckham was wearing “dark clothes and no jewelry apart from a rose gold man’s watch,” said Gerry McGovern, Land Rover director of design. The watch became a sort of talisman for the team, inspiring the look of the car inside and out. The Evoque Special Edition features such touches as hand-finished matte exterior paint and 20-inch gloss black forged alloy wheels with rose-gold accents, along with rose-gold-plated interior touches. The rose-gold accents are right in line with a hot trend in fine jewelry. Beckham’s Evoque also gets mohair floor mats, a custom luggage set and a hand-sewn leather portfolio for the owner’s manual, signed by the fashion designer. “I like that it feels luxurious, but also has quite a classic edge to it as well as a contemporary feel,” said Beckham. The New York Times credits Beckham, a former member of the British pop group the Spice Girls, with making “strong clothes for strong women.” While she is not the first female fashion designer to turn her attention to cars — Dana Buchman tinkered with the 2007 Cadillac SRX — Beckham is the most high-profile color-and-trim artist in the auto industry at this point. “Working with Victoria, the intention was not to change the fundamental architecture and design of the Evoque,” said McGovern. “We wanted to create a special edition that extends its character in a new direction through understated, restrained color and detail changes.” It makes us wonder, why don't they let Victoria Beckham design a Range Rover from top to bottom before some other auto company snaps her up?
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