The Futuristic Hats of Jasmin Zorlu

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Jasmin Zorlu is a one-of-a-kind maker of one-of-a-kind hats. You might pick up one of her creations and hear her tell you it is made of anaconda or fish leather. She creates and sells from home, in Brooklyn, and you can find her hats on her website or on Etsy. "Sculptural hats for daring women," she says. I'm in! On my recent trip to New York City for the New York Auto Show, Jasmin came to Manhattan to meet me in my hotel room and show me some of her hats. One was a helmet-like felt hat just like the one she sold to singer Erykah Badu; it wasn't me, but others were. What would you wear from this collection? If you liked this one, watch my hat-shopping expedition to Barbara Feinman Millinery during the same New York trip.
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