2013 Detroit Auto Show: The Movie

Jean and M B
I go to auto shows all over the world. Since my disastrous first outing at the Geneva show thirty years ago, when I had no idea what to expect, where to go, what to wear, or whom to talk to, I’ve gotten very good at press days. At the Detroit show, though, where I’ve been going all my life, I know everybody from the electricians to the CEOs of the auto companies. Although it’s the craziest of all the shows, I love to see people and talk about the latest concepts and new models directly from their designers and the people who run the companies. The star of this show was the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. I talked about that car on CBS Sunday Morning. I also looked at the Lincoln MKC and Nissan Resonance concepts, and you’ll see some of my conversations with those companies’ heads of design in the video on this page.
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