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Scion Family Cars Guide

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Scion xD

Year: Starting at $16,545 MPG 27-33 The xD was Scion’s replacement for the xA, but it looks more like a shrunken version of the utilitarian xB. The xD is about a foot smaller than the xB, and it is not quite as tall or as wide as its sibling. It also sits on a smaller wheelbase. Despite it’s small size and low weight, the xD doesn’t exactly shoot off the starting blocks. However, the nimbler of Scion’s five-door offerings gets the best fuel mileage of the fleet (excluding outlier Scion iQ) at 33 miles per gallon on the highway. The xD’s interior isn’t quite spacious, but neither is it cramped. The rear seats fold flat to allow for increased cargo space. Like all Scions, the xD’s list of add-ons is almost overwhelming, and goes far beyond usual offerings of upgraded wheels and window tints. With available accessories like shocks, mufflers, and brakes, and a base price at $16,000, the xD is perfect for an enthusiast on a budget. Don’t wait too long, though. There is talk of replacing the xD with an all new model as part of Scion’s never ending crusade for novelty. …
Scion xB

Year: Starting at $17,750 MPG 22-28 The 2012 Scion xB is not the unapologetic box that made us love Scion. After its first redesign, the car looks significantly different, and hasn’t improved much on handling or fuel economy. Some of the xB’s issues are mitigated by an available package from Toyota Racing Development that smooths out the handling, and the xB is extremely utilitarian for such a small car. It seats five with the seats up and boasts enough space for a move across town or a trip to Home Depot with the seats down. The spacious interior echoes the xB’s oddball aesthetic with a center-mounted dashboard and color-contrasting audio control nobs. That unconventional arrangement fits with the xB’s unique attitude, and if the base interior feels sparse it can be conveniently upgraded with all manner of Scion extras. Some of the most enticing add-ons include a navigation system and a rear-seat DVD player. Scion’s “one and done” business model could mean that the 2012 xB will be the last one, though the demise of the lovable toaster-on-wheels has yet to be confirmed. Even if it is on its last leg, the xB is affordable, practical, and it makes a statement as soon as it turns the corner. …