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Ford Fiesta: Sync Services with Sync Destinations

Ford's Sync Destination is the smart way to get where you need to go in your Fiesta.
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A lot of navigation apps will tell you how long it’s going to take to get where you’re going, but Ford’s Sync Destinations app can tell you how long it will take if you leave a couple of hours from now. When you opt for Sync, Ford’s voice-control platform, you’ll get Sync Services free for three years. You can use Sync Services to get turn-by-turn directions in the car, and you also get access one of the more clever travel and traffic mobile apps on the market for free. Powered by Inrix, Sync Destinations uses historical traffic data and takes into account local events, weather, and sporting events to help you figure out the best time to leave for your destination. From the contact list on your iPhone or Android device, you can enter up to 25 destinations or search within the app for a business listing. The app has a “Send to Sync” button that queues up turn-by-turn directions for you to download when you start the car, or you can use AppLink voice commands to retrieve the information from your phone. Sync Destinations makes it easy to manage the carpool or survive running a long day of errands because it will show you when you’ll arrive at each saved destination if you leave immediately. It can also tell if the commute will get better or worse if you adjust your departure time. But it would be nice if it went one step further and told you the optimal order in which to make each stop. $295. Sync services is free for three years, $60 per year thereafter.
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