Honda Odyssey's Car Vac: Oh.My.God.

If you could add any feature to a minivan, would you even have dreamed of having an actual vacuum cleaner permanently installed in the back? As a longtime minivan owner, when I think about such a thing, I picture cherubs flying through the sky blowing on horns, elephants carrying banners, and ticker tape parades. But hey, they're ticker tape parades I could easily vacuum up with the help of the 2014 Honda Odyssey's built-in vacuum cleaner.

The HondaVac

Honda has just announced the new HondaVac in-vehicle vacuuming system at the New York auto show, where the 2014 model is making its debut. The HondaVac will be standard on the 2014 Odyssey's top Touring Elite model, which comes out this summer. honda-odyssey-car-vac

This One Has a Shop-Vac Pedigree

Now you may ask yourself (as I did), will this be some wimpy-ass vacuum that doesn't pick up anything? No, apparently not, because it was developed in conjunction with Shop-Vac, makers of industrial-strength vacuums that could just about pull your teeth out of your mouth. That's encouraging for those of us who have lived with unreachable piles of sunflower seed hulls, cookie crumbs, and worst of all, smushed French fries in our vans for years. I believe my current van has crumbs old enough to register for middle school.

Where Is This Wondrous Thing?

The HondaVac comes with a replaceable filter and canister bag, and it is permanently installed in a space on the driver's side of the rear cargo area. Lift the liftgate, select the nozzle accessories that you'll find there, and vacuum as obsessively as you wish. The HondaVac doesn't need to be plugged into an outlet, it never needs to be recharged, and it can operate continuously as long as the Odyssey's engine is running. In fact, you can keep vacuuming for up to eight minutes after shutting off the car, according to Honda.

And Why Am I So Excited It Exists?

I'm guessing everyone who is reading this would agree, it's nice not to have a dirty, crumb-filled car. What stops us from keeping it cleaned out? Mostly the fact that it's such a hassle to go to the plaza outside the car wash and wrestle with the giant hose, which either has no suction, is caked with other people's grime, or eats quarters at an alarming rate. Household vacuum cleaners, when dragged out to the garage or the street, aren't configured well for use in the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. The HondaVac is a no-brainer, seems to me. Can't wait to try it out and see if it works as well as it looks.
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