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Ford Hybrid Numbers Going Up

Software upgrade in August promises to get C-Max, Fusion, and Lincoln MKZ closer to claimed mpg.
Ford Cmax 02
Ford promised to make a big splash in the hybrid market when it launched the C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi late last year, and now the automaker has the numbers to back up that promise. Since the C-Max went on sale last fall, it has helped Ford increase its electrified-vehicle market share to 16 percent, twelve points up from last year. Ford is perhaps even more proud that many of those points were picked up at the expense of the Toyota Prius. Ford says that the Prius was the most popular trade-in vehicle for the C-Max and that Toyota has lost eight points of electrified vehicle market share since last year. Overall, 64 percent of C-Max buyers were "conquest" buyers, meaning their last car came from outside of Ford’s brands. 2013 ford fusion hybrid

The Fuel Economy Fix

Customers are clearly buying these cars, but a point of controversy has been the claimed fuel economy. Ford has just announced that it will take steps to increase the fuel economy of its hybrid vehicles. The C-Max Hybrid's much-hyped fuel economy numbers of 47 mpg city and 47 mpg highway came under fire shortly after the car’s launch. Many owners have reported lower results and, most notably, Consumer Reports said the C-Max (above) and Fusion Hybrid (right) it tested earned overall fuel economy numbers in the high thirties. lincoln mkz hybrid Ford stands by the original fuel economy numbers but hopes some tweaks can push them even higher. In August, the company will make software updates available to owners of the 2013 C-Max Hybrid, 2013 Fusion Hybrid, and 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (right) that will increase the maximum pure electric speed to 85 mph from the current 62 mph. That will let drivers use electric-only mode more during highway driving. The update will also optimize use of the cars' fuel-economy-aiding active grille shutters and the climate control system, among other things. The upgrade will be available for free to owners of the cars.
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