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Smart Convertibles Guide

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Smart fortwo

Year: Starting at $12,490 MPG 34-38 The Smart is still a curiosity in the American market, despite the increasing manufacture of ultracompact and electric cars. The Smart ForTwo is great for what it was designed for – short trips in big cities where parking and gas are too expensive to warrant a full-sized vehicle. It does a fantastic job of parking in tight spaces, and can park with its nose to the curb where a normal car would have to parallel park. The gas mileage is good – 34 mpg in the city, 38 mpg on the highway – but not a huge jump over some fuel-efficient or hybrid sedans. The Smart makes up for this by being much cheaper than most hybrids, starting just above $13,000. The very small package assumes certain sacrifices, and the long-legged among us might feel claustrophobic in the Smart’s tiny interior. Luckily, a convertible model is available for those who like to feel the breeze in their hair or need extra headroom. Smart made the wise choice of keeping the interior sparse and not cluttering the already tight space. With a top speed under 70 mph, the Smart won’t get your blood pumping, but it is a good option for city dwellers, and fits well with an environment-friendly lifestyle. …