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Cadillac Convertibles Guide

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Cadillac CTS

Year: Starting at $38,905 MPG 18-27 The Cadillac CTS family of cars includes sedan, coupe, and wagon body styles and CTS and CTS-V versions. All this choice lets you decide where you fall on the spectrum of desire: are you shopping Cadillac because you’re looking for a traditional plush sedan, a testosterone-spouting luxury sports car, or a little of each? For starters, there’s the very competent “regular” CTS, powered by a pair of V-6 engine choices. The rear-wheel-drive CTS sedan and coupe ride on the same wheelbase, but the coupe is about two inches lower and two inches shorter, with a more steeply angled windshield. All three CTS body styles get the same 27 mpg on the highway. Get the Touring or Performance versions for more of a kick, or the Sport Wagon for more versatility. Then there’s the CTS-V, which famously set a speed record at the Nürburgring race circuit in Germany a few years back. It’s set up for performance with Brembo brakes, an airflow-improving grille, performance tires, a set of center-mounted, mouthy tailpipes, and, last but not least, a supercharged V-8 engine that puts out 556 horsepower—and helps limit fuel economy to a maximum of 19 mpg on the highway. …