Cadillac’s desire to win shoppers over (or back) to its brand, away from German luxury sedans, is well known—and understandable. This new car should help with that. No, the all-new XTS is not a high-performance car—look to Cadillac’s other new model, the ATS, for that—but it still should appeal to many import buyers as well as to the older demographic that Cadillac has long attracted. Why? Because it is straight up hedonistic, with a gorgeously luxuriant interior and a smooth ride in the best large-sedan manner. The feeling starts with Cadillac’s new Cue information and entertainment system, making its debut on the 2013 XTS. Its eight-inch touchscreen incorporates the capacitive touch of an iPhone for a satisfyingly intuitive user experience. It continues with the Bose audio, leather trim choices all the way up to a buttery full leather interior depending on model, subtle accent lighting, and real wood trim. The XTS is a front-wheel drive car, in contrast to the ATS, and all-wheel drive is available. Its safety systems are as thoroughly indulgent as its luxury equipment. For example, there’s an optional Driver Assistance active safety package that incorporates active short-range radar and a smart camera above the inside mirror that shoots twelve high-definition photos per minute, all in the service of spotting and avoiding hazards. Performance purists may dislike the fact that the XTS has front-wheel drive, but this is probably not the product they’re looking for anyway.

Fun-O-Meter: 7

1. Audi A6
2. Lincoln MKS
3. Mercedes-Benz E350
4. BMW 5 Series

Cool Tech:
1. Sensor Fusion safety system uses active short-range radar and smart camera to spot and avoid unexpected hazards.
2. Cue information and entertainment system.

1. Platinum edition is Full Monty of luxury with Opus full leather seats, heated and cooled seats, power rear window shade, fourteen-speaker Bose system, leather-wrapped trim and console, suede headliner, etc., etc.
2. Apple iPad handed out with each XTS.