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4 New Electric Vehicles Good news for planet Earth! Here are four alt-energy vehicles that saw the light of day at Detroit.

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BMW's Car That Won't Crash

A day testing the latest in collision prevention on the BMW i3.

Protect Kids from Hot-Car Tragedy

It's Memorial Day weekend: time to think about heatstroke danger in cars. Yes, it can happen to you.

6 Ways to Take Charge of Recalls

Don't be in the 30 percent who ignore car recalls. A guide to staying on top of an essential issue.

Chevrolet Malibu Wins Safety Honors

Add another popularly priced car to the short list from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

How Much Do Rearview Cameras Help?

Are they effective in preventing accidents? Insurance Institute for Highway Safety checked it out.

Crash Test Live

Ever want to see a car smashed into a barrier, with a dummy at the wheel? Us, too! Ford invited us.

5 Tips from Winter Driving School

My day at Bridgestone's school showed me the cold, hard facts about driving well in ice and snow.

Minicars Bomb Latest Crash Test

How worried should you be? What you need to know about new crash test scores.

Has Michelin Made a Safer Tire?

Hidden grooves on Premier A/S tires appear as the tread wears down, to keep good traction longer.