1. TuneIt

Ditch the confusing audio controls for your car’s compatible Alpine head unit and download this Android app. Not only does it make it fun and easy to adjust the bass and treble right from your phone–just connect it to the head unit via Bluetooth but this just-launched new version of the app will also let you connect your Facebook account to your car so it can read your notifications aloud as you fly down the Interstate.

2. Aha Radio

If you go through life wearing headphones, driving a car can feel like you just stepped into a strange audio wasteland. But if you download the Aha Radio app (Android or iOS), and your car sports just about any in-car app system, you can take all your favorite sounds with you. Just gather all your music, radio stations, and audiobooks into Aha to create a station specially for you. When you get in the car, you’ll be able to play it all through your stereo system. No more channel surfing.

3. ChargePoint

Drive an electric car? This app will make finding a charging station for your next route super simple. Plug in your destination, and it shows you all the chargers along your way. Need to charge now? It will tell you what’s near you. Hate to wait? It will also tell you–because the ChargePoint people have networked a vast army of charging stations–which chargers are currently not in use. You can even reserve some stations so that, when you arrive, you don’t have to fight some stranger for power.

4. Parkopedia

Ever driven in circles, frustrated and late for a meeting because you can’t find parking? This app (for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows) means to end that. Just tell it where you want to park, and it will direct you to an open spot. A growing community of parkers and parking-space owners tells it where the parking is to help you get out of the car faster and with less frustration. Ford announced at CES that this app is now part of its Sync Applink market, so Ford drivers can use it right from the dash.

5. Parkmobile

No more getting ticketed because your collection of quarters went to your candy habit. This app lets you pay for parking in a growing number of public spots around the country. Just set up your payment source once. And when you park, type in the space number and go. Your phone will let you know when your parking is due to expire. And you can add more money with a few taps. A new partnership with Ford (announced at CES) means Ford drivers can do all this from the car, even more convenient.