Remember Colorforms? They were thin pieces of plastic die-cut into colorful shapes that you could arrange on a special coated surface and make them stick without an adhesive. Well, Stickerfix decals for your car feel and look very similar. The difference is that they go on a scratch on your car’s body. Once applied, you really can’t even spot them unless you are really searching.

We saw the Stickerfix decals in action on a bright red Fiat 500 at the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show in Las Vegas this week. We learned that you can buy a set of the decals in any of seventy-nine colors, and that they are made using actual automotive paint so they match—the reps said—80 percent of cars on the road. For example, there’s Ford Light Ice Blue, there’s Honda Taffeta White, there’s Toyota Bronze and Volkswagen Tornado Red, but there’s also Universal Black. All the sticker packs cost $24.99 retail, and they contain a set of die-cut, easy-to-use shapes including circles, ovals, and long narrow scratch-shaped rectangles. A fuller explanation and a search function to find sales outlets is on the company’s website.

You simply clean the scratched area on your car with a clean, soft cloth, then put the decal on, and you’re done.
That’s great, because really, who wants to mess around with paint or pay somebody big bucks to cover something small and insignificant? This is an example of a great simple product that can cover a multitude of sins.