About Us
About Us
We believe cars are freedom, motion, and beauty. They're a means for living a much richer life. They're also the JKC Team's excuse for having a great time together. Jean Jennings has cleverly gathered the assortment of creative people you see below.

Our mission: to take the mystery out of car ownership but leave in all the emotion. Our team intends to take you on adventures, tell you great stories, and give you the information you want and need. We hope you’ll talk back to us all over the site.

The JKC Team

Jean Jennings

Editor in Chief
Jean Knows Cars is not just the name of this website; it's a true fact. I have been writing about cars and the car business for more than 30 years, having learned about cars at the kitchen table from my late father, Robert...


Laura Sky Brown

Executive Editor
Jean Knows Cars is the most fun I’ve had in journalism, and that’s saying something. I have worked with some of the best and most interesting people in automotive media since the 1980s, in the early months of...

Molly Jean

Creative Director
I cut my baby teeth in the driving world in rural Northern Michigan. We had one traffic light in the entire county. I went even further north to earn a BFA from Northern Michigan University. After graduating, I worked for a...

Thanks to the following people, without whom etc. etc.
(Do you remember what you did? It was big.)

  • Alan Alpanian
  • Steven Amato
  • Jim Farley
  • Jackie Guenther
  • Anita Lienert
  • Luan Mendel
  • Jim Mullen
  • Pepper Chiavacci
  • Tom Furukawa
  • Rob Verrilli

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