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A Pretty Place for Ugly Secrets. Vicarious thrills or absolution? Come here and find both. Anonymously post your automotive safety lapses and infractions as well as whats worrying you. Read the rules.
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Pick the hashtag (#) that applies, tell us the whole story, please don't be obscene, and remember, we're all in this together.

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  • #whiteknuckles March 25, 2014 last night I dreamed I was driving a Ford Mustang convertible in the snow and slid it into a telephone pole. When I woke up it took a long time to reassure myself that it was only a dream.
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  • #carobsessions January 5, 2014 Even thought it hasn't seen the best reviews, I like the new Mitsubishi Mirage, but then I did own an "88 Yugo, someone has to love the ugly ones!
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  • #carobsessions December 6, 2013 This is a bad time of year to admit that I covet my neighbor's Kia Soul. She has it parked and is gone for the winter. I have come THIS CLOSE to checking to see if she left the keys under the seat and the doors unlocked....just one little spin??!
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  • #carobsessions December 4, 2013 I am obsessed with the new Chevy SS. I watch the video of the Daytona unveiling once a week. I'm the guy that the great David E. Davis wrote about when he wrote that a man wants a handsome V-8 sedan to go down the boulevard with a bit of style.
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