“One Careful Lady Owner.” Now there’s an auction listing for a vintage car that should draw some attention. In this case, the Lady Owner of the car, a 2001 Daimler V8 Super LWB, is none other than Queen Elizabeth II. Once her personal vehicle, the Daimler, clad in British racing green paint, is a member of the Jaguar family. The car is going up for auction by Historics at Brooklands in the U.K. on August 31.

And you thought Prince William’s star turn in a Range Rover, when he actually drove his wife and newborn princeling child home from the hospital last week, was all the car news you were going to get on the British royal family. Not a bit of it.

The queen had this car built specifically for her own private use, meaning she herself was the one behind its regal wheel. Her Majesty racked up 11,000 miles over three years, mainly driving it between Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, a distance of some twenty miles each way. She kept the car until 2004, and it is now being held by the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust. It currently has 15,242 miles on the odometer and was last publicly displayed at the 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed, as part of the Cartier Royal Jubilee display.

The Daimler has lamb’s-wool rugs and a full leather interior, along with all the expected luxuries. However, imagine you were queen and could choose whatever extra amenities you like. True to her no-nonsense nature, Elizabeth II’s custom choices include a center armrest with a slide-out section for her legendary handbag, as well as switches to allow her to operate all the windows from either side. The monarch got those because she wanted extra fresh air but specified she doesn’t enjoy having it blow directly on her face. Well, who does?

Another interesting touch on the car is a set of communication equipment to put Her Majesty directly through to the Home Office or to the prime minister at No. 10 Downing Street. Sadly, that feature is disabled, so the next owner will have to get in line like anybody else. However, still operational is a set of blue lights hooked up behind the rearview mirror to tip off security forces about which car held the queen. There are also strobe lights that, the auction house points out, provide the bonus of extra visibility in the unlikely event of a smoke attack.

The Daimler has a supercharged 4.0-liter V-8 that makes 375 horsepower. Because Elizabeth II, as is well known, likes horses quite a lot.

The auction house is looking to get somewhere in the $40,000 range for the car. Ready to place your order for it? Go peruse the Historics at Brooklands listing and register to bid.