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Los Angeles Auto Show

A Favorite video story from our first year: walk with me (and Elaine) around the 2012 L.A. Show.
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The Los Angeles Auto Show is about the latest and greatest cars. We have already told you about cute small cars and an ultra-fuel-efficient Honda Accord we saw there, not to mention the walkaround of the new Jaguar F-Type that I got designer Ian Callum to do. But it's also about the people, the parties, and the traffic, as you will see in this video. I enjoyed all three while driving a Jaguar XKR-S in French racing blue all over the city. If only I had thought to put on my clogs on the day I was up and at the show before 5 a.m., it would have been perfect. A highlight this year was bringing Elaine "by the Beach" Nadalin with us. Elaine is a reader and fan of this site, and she was so enthusiastic that we invited her to come walk the show with us. Maybe it will be you in Detroit next.
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